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Package Overviews 

A rendering of a blue building with mountains on either side.

The East County AWP Project consists of three packages. The JPA approved the award of Progressive Design Build Agreements for Packages 1 and 2 in October 2020. Project construction is expected to begin in 2022, with the Program beginning to produce water in 2025.

Package 1
Package 1 has been awarded to AECOM/WMV IV, a Joint Venture. The Notice to Proceed with Phase 1 work for Package 1 was delivered to AECOM/WMV IV on October 8, 2020. Components of Package 1 include: a 16 MGD Water Recycling Facility, an 11.5 MGD Advanced Water Purification Facility, a solids handling facility, a product water pump station and a new visitor’s center. The progressive nature of Package 1, Phase 1 provides the JPA with the opportunity to evaluate and price options and value‐engineering (i.e., innovative) ideas, refine the Project design, continue to eliminate unknowns, and identify and evaluate project risks. 

Package 2
Package 2 has been awarded to Orion Construction Corp. Package 2 includes designing and constructing a 10‐mile Advanced Water Purification pipeline, Dechlorination Facility and inlet to Lake Jennings. 

Both Package 1 and 2 will proceed forward with Phase 1 work and not‐to‐exceed dollar amounts. During Phase 1 of each package, the JPA will collaborate with AECOM/Lyles and Orion to develop and finalize the scope of work and a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) for Phase 2 (and Phase 3 for Package 1 only). Phase 1 work for both packages is planned to begin in October 2020 and run through January 2022.

Package 3

Package 3 has been awarded to AECOM/Lyles. Package 3 includes retrofits and capacity expansions of the Influent Pump Station and East Mission Gorge Pump Station, as well as the installation of a 3.5 mile long force main, a 3 mile long residuals bypass pipeline and a 1.7 million gallon a day lift station for the residuals bypass system.

Package 3 was awarded by the Joint Powers Authority (JPA) Board on December 10, 2020 and will proceed forward with Phase 1 work and a not‐to‐exceed dollar amount of $4,337,233. During Phase 1, the JPA will collaborate with the AECOM/Lyles Team to develop and finalize the scope of work and a guaranteed maximum price (GMP). Phase 1 is planned to begin December 22, 2020 and run through December, 2021.

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Project Timeline

Package 4

Package 4 is a collaborative effort between the JPA and the City of San Diego to provide the best long-term regional solution for the management of brine and centrate. It will improve overall water quality in the City of San Diego's Pure Water sewershed. 

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