Kids hold watergami


More than 7,000 people from our service area and from around the world visited our demonstration facility to see for themselves what this program is all about. While the Visitor’s Center has been closed to make way for construction of the advanced water purification plant and a new, permanent, Visitor’s Center you can still see program details through multiple options below. 

Video TOUR

In-person tours are not offered at this time as construction has begun on the project. Tours will resume once the facility has been constructed and is operational at the beginning of 2026. We look forward to welcoming you then! 

Take a video tour of the East County Advanced Water Purification Program! There are two video options. 

Option1: Click here to look up, down and all around to watch a 360-degree virtual reality video to see the water purification steps. You can watch from your desktop or via the YouTube app to experience all features. 

Option 2: If you want a video tour without the 360-degree feature described above, click here.

Group smiles in front of Visitor's Center
Students Smile at the WRF