Education for Kids

Smiling Girl hold WatergamiPlanning for the future is what the Advanced Water Purification Program is about. Given the forward-thinking nature of this program, it makes sense to educate our future generation about the importance of this sustainable and local drinking water project.

Education Materials

Our student program offers educational worksheets to help teach about the Advanced Water Purification Program and reinforce the information provided in the program video and on field trips/tours.

If your class/student(s) is unable to visit the demonstration facility, we recommend that you show your student(s) the Advanced Water Purification video.


A matching game (PDF) and fill-­in-­the-blanks activity sheet (PDF) are provided to reinforce the lessons learned on the tour. We also feature an educational and fun activity we call watergami (origami) (PDF) which gives students an opportunity to play with friends to learn more about the project.

Scout Patch program

The Advanced Water Purification patch program is for children who belong to a group that meets regularly outside of the normal school day like Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Camp Fire. The program is designed to help children understand the benefits of water reuse. Children will learn what typically happens to water in east county once it goes down the drain, how water can be safely purified and the benefits to purifying recycled water to create drinking water. A fun patch is given to each scout who tours the facility.

To sign your group up for the one hour patch program, please email or call 858-385-2240.

Field Trips

We provide free field trips for student groups from elementary-aged students through college to tour the Advanced Water Purification Demonstration Facility. Tours are tailored for the student grade level and area of study. Transportation is not included.

On the tour, students can touch water filtration membranes, see the four advanced water purification treatment steps in action, learn where our water comes from and what happens to our water when it goes down our drains.

To request a field trip date, please email or call 858-385-2240.

Three Girl Scouts pot succulents
School group poses in front of AWP demo facility
Two Girl Scouts doing a water filtration activity